About Nick

I started painting in October 2001: my mother had just died, and a week later 9/11 had happened. In my mind the personal and global catastrophes had somehow become one event, and it felt as if my only course of action was to externalize my powerful feelings in paint (a medium I’d never explored before). My painting process began as catharsis – but slowly, over the years, it evolved into being driven primarily by colour.

From an early age, I had perceived colour as the key emotional content of everything I saw: the more vibrant and bold the colour palette of a landscape, panorama or street scene, the more intense the emotion it would stir in me. In view of this, soon I was exploring bold combinations of colours in my art, with the carefree mind-frame of a child – blindly experimenting, without knowing where it might take me.

To this day, I can only recognise that a painting is finished when I can look at it and feel the original emotion that inspired it flooding through my body like a wave. Getting to that point can take as little as two hours, or, in some cases, many years (as with one of my favourite pieces, Mosaic of Disarray, which for four summers I would return to working on each time I came back to the beautiful Aquitaine region of France – whose light and open space also inspired many of the other paintings here).

I am now displaying online a selection of pieces that represent about eight years of my work – I’m very excited to share them with you. Even if you don’t get the same feeling from the colours that I do, so long as you enjoy some aspect of them I’ll be very happy.

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